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this is everything


this is everything

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"I will never love again"

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queenrinacat said: can i just do all five of those things with regina


I feel you.  I most definitely feel you :)

Marry:  Regina

Fuck:  Um, Regina

Kiss:  Shot in the dark; REGINA

Cuddle:  Let’s go with…Regina

Get drunk with:  Yeah.  I’m gunna have to go with Snow…no wait, I mean Regina!

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oh, they surely thought “let’s play straight” in this scene

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Emma’s reactions

*Swan-Mills Family feels*

two divorced lesbian moms and their son and the network that erased his memories and kept this family apart just to keep one million homophobes happy. 

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I love this routine, because it’s not a rape joke. It’s a rape culture joke. It’s not making fun of the people who have been raped, but of both rape culture (not being able to just jog because it’s not safe) but of the idea that the only thing of value in a woman is her vagina.


Really this is brilliant. So brilliant.

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Korra Week: Day 3 → Fear

"I’ve been scared this whole time. I’ve never felt like this before and I don’t know what to do."

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Cal Chapman, eternal cool guy

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